Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Project of the Month - January 2013 - EL PORTAL

Corner Windows are great to really open up a 
space to allow lots of natural light into your home. 

Last January, We, ASP Windows and Doors completed the  installation of CWS Energy Efficient and Impact Rated Windows and Doors.  We were very excited about working in historic El Portal residential community because we really love the character and beauty of these homes.  We knew that this job would come with certain complications because of our experience with older buildings so we saw another opportunity to show our superior talents and professionalism. We showed our clients just that! Our attention to detail and expertise proved to be above and beyond our client's expectations. We were able to complete the installation with minimal damage to the existing architecture and we preserved the original character of the home.  But don't take our word for it. Here is what our clients have to say about the experience.

 "Our house was built in 1938 and is located in a designated Historic District.  All of the windows and doors were original.  We replaced all exterior windows and doors with hurricane/impact resistant door/windows.  After obtaining another estimate, we signed a contract with American Storm Protection Corp. ("ASP") based on the incredibly professional presentation that President Jonathan Rodriguez gave.  He arrived at our house with samples, a estimated floor plan diagram, and his iPad and spent a few hours discussing our needs, likes and dislikes and giving suggestions about what would work in our home. "  Client

Picture Window with Grids. - We can design just about any grid configuration.
   "Of course, "project creep" came into play and we later chose to expand our initial contract to include every window.  Jonathan and his team were helpful every step of the way and never complained about the changes! " Client
French Doors and Windows
"I was particularly impressed (and grateful) with Jonathan's assistance in dealing with the Historical Board.  He arrived for the director's initial inspection of our home,  supported our decisions to update (and secure) the house and proposed changes which the Historical Board would approve (since they simply don't make windows today like they did in 1938).  He was instrumental in reaching an agreement with the Historical Board that day and satisfying its requirements Without the need to appear at a public hearing!  The new windows and doors look beautiful and the house still has that period charm.  Definitely a win win for everyone." Client
We go above and beyond the call of duty!
"The actual installation was easier than I expected - considering they ripped every door and window out.  I'm afraid the job was bit difficult, since the window frames were steel and covered with years of stucco.  I still can't believe how careful the crew was.  They picked up broken glass and stucco outside and even cleaned the top layer of concrete dust from the work area.  They even cleaned years of grime off the old Cuban tile  window sills before reinstallation!   Quite honestly, I assumed the old sills would be broken apart in the process and would have to be replaced. -- that was not the case.  They even re-hung the 2 blinds they had to remove.  I'd call that above and beyond the call of duty for sure.  Best of all, they were a pleasure to deal with." Client
Beautiful, Safe, and Energy Efficient! What more could you ask for?
ASP Windows and Doors continues to grow and demonstrate superior quality and service in the Impact Window and Door market.  Our dedication to performance, quality, and professionalism shows in every one of our projects whether they're big or small. We invite you to visit one of our projects or visit us at our beautiful showroom in Doral next to the Dolphin Mall.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog posts and to take a look at our recent project we are so proud of.  Breath deeply, Live happily, Laugh hard, Love passionately, Recycle